These videos are required content and will be assigned in class as we approach the topics. When viewing them, pay attention not only to the questions below but also understand how the content serves to illustrate the Key Concepts given at the top of each video. 

Video 1:The Bolshevik Revolution

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You need to know the following vocabulary before you begin the video:
Provisional Government
Nicholas II 
Vladimir Lenin


Video 2: The Crisis of Democracy
Key Concept 6.2.IV.B. Sources of global conflict varied and included the economic crisis engendered by the Great Depression.
Key Concept 6.2.IV.A. Governments used a variety of strategies to mobilize their people and resources. 

1) Why did many lose faith in democracy in the 1930s? What is evidence that they did?

2) What was the relationship between Germany's situation in the 1920s and 1930s and the rise of the Nazi Party?

3) What drove Hitler's popularity?


Video 3: WWII, From the Rape of Nanjing to Nuremburg
Key Concept 6.2.III.C. The proliferation of conflicts led to the Holocaust during WWII and other forms of genocide or ethnic violence.
Key Concept 6.2.IV. Military conflicts occurred on an unprecedented scale. 



Video 4: Medical Advances

Key Concept 6.1.I.  Researchers made rapid advancements in science that spread throughout the world, assisted by the development of new technology.

1) What highlighted the need for medical research?

2) What did researchers specifically discover?

3) What was a major consequence of this discovery?

Video 4