As you read the Key Concepts, don't just memorize individual facts (although you do need to know them.) It is important that you know how facts serve as examples of the larger concepts under which they are indexed.  

Key Concepts for Period 6
Key Concept Mashup (Order in which they will be taught in class--Great study guide!)
Key Concept 6.1 Science and the Environment
Key Concept 6.2 Global Conflicts and Their Consequences
Key Concept 6.3 New Conceptualizations of Global Economy, Society, and Culture


Class Handouts Class Notes/Resources
Graphic Organizer: Global Conflicts The Origins of the Great War                   
Harkness: Militants' Goals in Mideast The End of the Great War
Harkness: A New Dark Age? The World Between the Wars: A Summary
Harkness: The Clash of Civilizations Map History of Decolonization: India/Pakistan
  Mankind: Penicillin 
  Mankind: Organ Transplants and nuclear power


Class Podcasts

The Great War: The Ottoman Empire and China

 Learning Objectives for this Podcast:
1) Vocab: Sykes-Picot Agreement, Balfour Declaration, Mandate System, Zionism 
2) What resettlement of people took place after WWI?
3) What was the goal of Britain concerning the Ottoman Empire during the war?
4) Vocab: Kuomintang, Mao Zedong, Long March, Chinese Communist Party
5) How was Mao's vision of a communist revolution different from that of Marx and Lenin?

Economic Contraction, Anxieties, and New Paradigms 


Learning Objectives for this Podcast:
A) How did advances in communication and transportation increase insecurity between the wars?
2) How did new scientific paradigms challenge traditional orthodoxies?
3) Describe an alternate economic vision of society that emerged between the wars
4) How did leaders adapt Marxism to fit the circumstances of their societies?
5) Describe a movement to unite people across national borders. What happened to it?

New Balance of Power, Cold War, and Decolonization


Learning Objectives for this Podcast:

1) Vocab: Suez Crisis, Nasser, non-alignment, Bandung Conference, FLN, pieds noirs.
2) How was the global power structure different after WWII?
3) Describe India's process of negotiated indepedence
4) Describe Algeria's experience of violent struggle for independence 
5) What was a new pattern of migration in the post-colonial world?

 Final Podcast

Learning Objectives for this Podcast: