• China's Great Wall

  • Mecca, Saudi Arabia

  • Angkor Wat, Cambodia

  • Trans-Saharan Caravan

  • Indian Ocean Dhow

  • Rome, Italy

  • Moscow, Russia

Directions:  Each group will research the 4 land-based empires from Period IV (Ottoman, Russian, Qing, and Mughal). You will focus specifically on the following items:
1) Their methods for obtaining political legitimacy
2) Imperial structure
3) Intermediaries (change in elites) and labor/commerce
4) Internal and external rivalries
5) Handling diversity (ethnic, religious, etc)

Your required sources for research are:
1) APWorldipedia
2) Your homework readings from Bulliet (selections from CH 19 and 20)
3) Bentley textbook (CH 28)
4) Hansen texbook (pp. 616-629)

Each group must research collaboratively and contribute to their group's Google Doc. Your individual work should be label by placing your last name in parenthesis after your contribution. This will comprise half of your grade. The only resource you may have during the discussion is your group's Google Doc. Specific Empires and topic will be assigned to your group at the beginning of the discussion so you need to be well prepared for all 4 empires. As usual, contributions and questions that score the highest are those that connect your knowledge to the Historical Thinking Skills, such as Comparison, Causation, Changes and Continuities, and Periodization.